Hollywood Reacts To The Sudden Death Of Beloved Actor Alan Thicke

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Earlier today, Alan Thicke reportedly died of a heart attack while playing hockey with one of this three sons. As the news spreads around the internet and the entertainment industry friends, fan and former co-stars have begun to mourn the beloved actor and Canadian icon.

Some mourners decided to make a few gentle jokes about his passing, which Alan Thicke probably would have appreciated one some level since he was so quick to be self-deprecating in regards to his own career.

Everyone copes with a celebrity’s passing differently, especially when the deceased’s projects mean so much to them personally. Sometimes, jokes are the answer.

Like any born and bred Canadian, Thicke loved to play hockey. That his heart attack occurred during time on the ice with his son is a bit poetic in that way, and multiple hockey teams that he had collaborated with over the years tweeted out their condolences.

Thicke frequently appeared on Dan Lebatard’s show, and in the aftermath of his passing members of the crew, fans of the actor’s appearances on the show, and Lebatard himself tweeted about the loss. Other personalities from the world of sports chimed in as well.

Thicke will be dearly missed by everyone who loved his shows, his love of hockey, and his all around loving and caring personality.