The Illinois Legislature’s Zombie Preparedness Resolution Is As Awesome As It Sounds

The State of Illinois is preparing to deem October as “Zombie Preparedness Month.” Of course, Halloween arrives during the very same month, and the new resolution is rather lighthearted but also serves a more serious purpose. Perhaps it might make some people who are frustrated with lawmakers channel their civic awareness into the potential saving of lives.

House Resolution 0030 passed on Thursday and seeks to prepare the state’s residents for any disaster. The text of the resolution points out that a full 60% of people are not preparing for a disaster of any type, and only 39% of people have formed an emergency plan. The general idea here is that if people heed the zombie theme of the month, then they’ll stock up on food, first aid, important documents, and other supplies, which could — in the long run — save lives and dollars. A brief excerpt:

WHEREAS, If the citizens of Illinois are prepared for zombies, than they are prepared for any natural disaster; while a Zombie Apocalypse may never happen, the preparation for such an event is the same as for any natural disaster;

The Chicago Tribune appears very enthused about this resolution while noting that perhaps it shall ease some tension over the state’s ongoing budget war. After all, when one is fighting between life or un-death, normally important concerns like road repairs and schools take a backseat. And if folks can make it a point to keep at least 72 hours of essentials on hand, then this “fun” resolution may work more good than dry legislation that goes unnoticed.

(Via Chicago Tribune & CNN)