A Tribute In Remembrance Of ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

Current and former professional wrestlers die prematurely all the time. But this one stings: “Macho Man” Randy Savage, the wrestler perhaps more embraced by the internet (The guy had a Tumblr of photoshops, “Where’s Randy Savage?”, dedicated to him!) than any other, is dead. He was killed in a car accident this morning after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel, according to TMZ. He was 58.
Based on my recollections as a huge pro wrestling fan growing up, I dug up a few of my favorite pics and videos of him available on the web, as well as a few I don’t recall, in addition to a few of the hilarious photoshops from the Tumblr dedicated to Randy Savage. In the words of the internet’s Matt T, “RIP Macho Man, first victim of the rapture. God couldn’t wait to bring you home.”
It was Macho Man who actually took down bin Laden.
The Randy Savage rap song, “Be A Man.”

He’s gone off to be reunited with Miss Elizabeth.
Here he is proposing to Miss Elizabeth.

No explanation needed.

Just being a dutiful observer.
Another with his the former first lady of pro wrestling.
Well somebody has to look after Pee Wee.
Macho Man on the Arsenio Hall show.

I actually used to subscribe to this when I was a kid.
Robin just wasn’t macho enough.
Having some fun with Mean Gene.

Macho Man and Jesus are old pals.
Being saved from the “Hart foundation” by Hulk Hogan.

Best damn game around.
No wardrobe malfunctions here.
Here’s the ultimate video remembrance of Randy.

And finally…

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