Jackie Chan’s Pot Smoking Son Now Has A Viral Video Game Inspired By His Arrest

Vince brought you word that Jackie Chan’s 32-year-old son Jaycee was arrested for marijuana possession in China, a fairly serious offense considering the country’s new anti-drug crackdown. That’s the bad news.

The good news is how everyone seems to be having a great time making light of the situation with a viral online game. From BBC News:

The game called “The National Search for Jaycee” spread like wildfire on popular Chinese messaging app WeChat. The game is available to play online, and has been accessed more than 60 million times since being released on Tuesday.

The aim is to spot Jaycee amongst a sea of pictures of Kai Ko, a Taiwanese movie star who was arrested as part of the same operation.

“It’s a great shame about his career but I had fun playing the game; it seemed pointless but proved to be very addictive,” one WeChat user said. “Spot Jaycee? It’s harder than finding Wally,” said another

Having played the game, it is oddly fun and would probably be pretty racist if it were made outside of China. My only advice is don’t click OK when the time runs out. Also learn to read all versions of Chinese because it’s bound to help you achieve victory here. Give it a try over here and find some joy in someone’s misfortune.

(Via BBC News)