Jake Tapper Is Having None Of It When Rudy Giuliani Insists That All Men Talk Like Trump

To put things diplomatically, there have been better weeks for Donald Trump’s campaign. To put things less diplomatically, Trump’s so-called “locker room banter” appears to be hemorrhaging the tentative GOP goodwill attached to his presidential bid.

After Chris Christie‘s planned State of the Union appearance was cancelled, it was another Trump cheerleader that got the privilege of waking up nice and early to chat with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the current scandal plaguing the New Yorker’s campaign. Yes, it was Rudy Giuliani that stepped into the complicated spot of navigating the backlash facing Trump following that infamous link. The former New York City mayor conceded that Trump made some “horrible remarks,” but when Giuliani tried to downplay the severity of the comments he was called out by Tapper. Giuliani’s argument that Trump was an “entertainment star” at the time and simply engaging in guy talk was immediately smacked down.

“He’s talking about actions that are sexual assault,” countered Tapper. “He was 59 or 60 years old when he said it; this isn’t something he said when he was 18 years old. He’s talking about a feeling of entitlement: Because he’s a star, he can go up to women and grab them by the vagina and it’s okay, he won’t get in trouble for it. It’s really offensive on just a basic human level. Who did he do that to?”

It’s an absolutely fascinating interview and another impressive showing for Tapper who has become an essential cable news figure this election year. You can give ‘er a gander by hitting play on that You

(Via Mediaite)