Jeff Sessions Refuses To Say Whether Or Not He Voted For Roy Moore In Alabama

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In the immediate aftermath of the Washington Post publishing its bombshell report alleging serial sexual misconduct by disgraced Alabama judge Roy Moore, rumors surfaced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions — a thorn in the Trump administration’s side for recusing himself from an investigation — was being eyed as a replacement for Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Mitch McConnell even floated his former colleague as a potential write-in candidate. Despite these reports, however, the Attorney General expressed no interest in running a write-in campaign for his old Senate seat.

Sessions also said at the time that he had “no reason to doubt” the women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct against them. So when reporters asked the former senator about the matter during Tuesday’s election, Sessions refused to say which candidate he voted for. “I voted absentee, yes, and I value the sanctity of the ballot,” he said. “I would say the people of Alabama are good and decent, wonderful people. I was proud to serve them in the Senate. They’ll make the right decision.”

While Sessions doesn’t say exactly who he voted for or what outcome he was rooting for, his remarks were similar to fellow Alabama Republican Condoleeza Rice. On Monday, she called on Alabamians “to reject bigotry, sexism, and intolerance” when casting their vote.

(Via Politico)