Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump’s RNC Entrance To Address Melania’s Haters

Jimmy Fallon is quickly solidifying himself as the premier Donald Trump impressionist in late night television, and Tuesday night was more proof that he’s the best. He’s huge. He’s fantastic. Everyone else is just a mess.

In this Tonight Show skit, The Donald addressed the nation during the Republican National Convention with another fabulous speech that discusses, among other topics, why we may have recognized some of Melania Trump’s Monday night speech.

“Did you see Melania? She stole the show — literally,” explained Fallon (Mr. Trump). “I mean she delivered her speech like a true first lady. That first lady being Michelle Obama, but still. She might have plagiarized some of it, but you got to admit she did it harder, better, faster, stronger, and you can quote me on that.”

He clearly loves his wife, and wants to defend her, but we thought his keynote speech wasn’t until Thursday. What gives? “I know I wasn’t supposed to be on stage tonight,” he said, “but our key speaker, Alf, canceled at the last minute. He had to return to Melmac. Sad!”

As if losing Alf from the already-underwhelming lineup wasn’t disappointing enough, apparently the final guest speaker — the Pokemon named Pikachu — was being replaced by Q-bert. Before doing so, however, he made sure to praise several speakers from Monday and Tuesday, including Scott Baio, Paul Ryan, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Chris Christie.

(Via YouTube)