Joe Biden Extends An Olive Branch And Jokingly Offers Himself Up As ‘Senior Staff’ To Mike Pence

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If Joe Biden is worried about the Donald Trump administration, he didn’t show it much while he and his wife (Dr. Jill Biden) met with Mike and Karen Pence for lunch on Wednesday. And as an apparent olive branch, Biden told the press, “No administration is ready for day one.”

Towards the end of Trump’s election bid, Biden’s vibe was very different. He even expressed the desire to take Trump behind the gym and settle scores. Yet Biden knows that helping the Trump administration would be far better for the American public. The meeting between Biden and Pence at the Naval Observatory (the official home of the VP) was also an opportunity for handing out and accepting advice. President Obama has already offered a helping hand to Trump, and Biden said he would be available to Pence 24/7 (and joked that he’d act as “as senior staff”) for advice.

Biden may be attempting to diffuse anxieties about the Trump administration, and growing fears haven’t been eased by the current chaotic state of his transition team. But Biden is telling people it’s not time to start prepping the doomsday bunkers: “You can be smart and reject most of my ideas, but I think he will listen to some of them … No administration is ready on day one. We weren’t ready on day one.”

Joe Cool playing it smooth once again.

(Via ABC News & CNN)