Joe Biden Could Be Preparing For A Presidential Run In 2020

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Democrats might have a long, hard road through Donald Trump’s presidency as the try to save Obamacare and prevent the gutting of important measures that President Obama passed during his time in office such as those defending LGBT rights. But at least one high-profile member of the party might already be looking forward to a serious run for president in 2020. Or maybe not.

Joe Biden, America’s lovable uncle who finally looks to be leaving politics for good after January, joke to reporters on Monday that he could be back in the game when it comes to gearing up for the next election. Based on reports from THR, when asked what his next plans are, Biden said

“I’m going to run in 2020. For president. So, uh, what the hell, man.”

…but then walked back the joke to make sure nobody took his off the cuff remarks too seriously.

I’m not committing not to run. I’m not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening.”

Could fate intervene here and allow Biden four more years of sitting pretty in Washington DC? It’s pretty unlikely. Biden will be the same age as Reagan was when he left office after his term, and it probably doesn’t help in the current political climate that he’s an older white guy who really likes making inappropriate comments during random situations. Or maybe that will be his ticket to the White House.

Who knows what Biden will decide, or whether the party will make a decision on his behalf based on what they feel is best for the country. But Joe has already run for the highest office in the country twice in his life. So it may not be a journey he wants to go on a third time now that he’s in his prime retirement years.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)