John Kasich Went In Hard On Donald Trump, Then Trump Blew Him Up

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Poor John Kasich. The Ohio governor went on the attack early in the CNBC Republican debate, valiantly going after the two frontrunners, Ben Carson and Donald Trump, on their tax plans — with the moderator basically inviting him to do so.

“You just don’t make promises like this,” Kasich says of Trump and Carson. “Why don’t we just give a chicken in every pot, while we’re coming up with these fantasy tax schemes?”

Kasich builds up a good head of steam, saying that he’s responsible for balancing the budget in Washington and bringing a $2 billion surplus to Ohio, but it’s ultimately for naught. Trump barely has to raise his arms over the podium to hit back at Kasich: “First of all, John got lucky with a thing called fracking…That’s why Ohio is doing well.”

Then: “He was so nice…but then his poll numbers tanked, that’s why he’s on the end, so he got nasty,” Trump says to audience laughter.

Trump also gets a dig in about Kasich’s Lehman Brothers past.

So a fine effort from Kasich, but in the immortal words of Omar from The Wire: “Come at the king, you best not miss.”

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