John Kasich Gives Some Poor Advice On Avoiding Rape And Then Has To Play Damage Control

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It’s been a rough time on the 2016 campaign trail for John Kasich. Not only is he barely hanging on as a viable candidate in the face of more likely options like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, but he keeps putting his foot in his mouth at a rate that simply cannot be healthy. There was of course the incident where he thanked women for “coming out of the kitchen for him”, which was sort of taken out of context but still came off about as well as a setting off a foghorn at the ballet. Then he promised to reunite Pink Floyd if he became president, which is not only unlikely but not even part of a president’s duties or oversight. Then of course he had the gall – the gall – to eat pizza with a fork and knife and then try to defend his actions.

Now Kasich has done it again, with “it” being stalling any and all campaign momentum with some tone deaf comments at an event. As The Daily Dot reports, Kasich was asked by a college student from St. Lawrence University what he would do if elected help people feel more safe and secure in regards to sexual assault and harassment. That his reply wasn’t exactly the best phrasing on the issues will probably not surprise you.

“Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”

Ah yes, that old refrain. Claiming it is automatically the victim’s fault if they put themselves in any sort of position to be raped or assaulted, especially on college campuses, is a view that has long diminished victims and accusers in the eyes of the public of the law. It falls in the same category as “don’t wear revealing clothing” or “don’t lead people on in any way”. In short, it’s victim blaming and something that Kasich’s team probably should have prepped him to answer a bit better before the event. At least according to the response that it received.

Afterwards, his campaign quickly made it clear that Kasich’s larger views do not align with these comments in a series of tweets that were not at all subtle in their purpose.

So don’t worry about him missing the point at all, potential female voters. John Kasich definitely wants you to know that he has given money to rape prevention efforts in one way or another, even if his comments don’t reflect that stance all the time.

(via The Daily Dot)

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