John McCain Quotes Teddy Roosevelt While Discussing Trump’s Remarks On POWs: ‘I’m In The Arena’

The fallout over how President Trump handled a condolence call to the widow of one of the U.S. soldiers killed in an ambush in Niger continued Monday as the president and Sen. John McCain continued their most-recent war of words. This added to speculation that Trump doesn’t respect members of the armed services as much as he claims.

After criticizing the president over his repeated deferments from the draft, including one for “bone spurs,” McCain appeared on “The View” on Monday morning. Ostensibly, he did so to mark daughter and co-host Megan McCain’s birthday, and John then expanded on his remarks.

McCain initially brushed off co-host Joy Behar’s comment about bone spurs and said it’s more important to aid veterans who need help. McCain described his life as lucky before launching into a story about a WWII veteran who asked why the president made his comments about prisoners of war. “That’s hard to explain to a 92-year-old man,” McCain said. He continued by saying, in a sense, that President Trump should pick on someone his own size.

“What they want to say about me, you know, Teddy Roosevelt, ‘I’m in the arena, I’m in the arena, I love the fight,'” McCain said, quoting the former president. When asked if he was scared of Trump fighting back again, McCain began to laugh, causing a lengthy disruption. After re-gathering himself, McCain said, “I mentioned that I’ve faced greater challenges.”

McCain ended the segment with a call to fix the national dialogue by cutting out insults and respecting others, which was arguably another thinly veiled remark aimed at President Trump.

(Via ABC)

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