Kathy Griffin Blasted The Writers Guild At Their Own Event For Their Lack Of Support During Her Trump Photo Scandal

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Last May, comedian Kathy Griffin appeared in a photoshoot where she held a prop designed to look like the decapitated head of President Donald Trump. While Griffin wasn’t praised by either side of the political spectrum, she was quickly fired by CNN and left unable to tour in the U.S. while similar behavior by conservative entertainers arguably hasn’t received as much backlash.

Griffin has had lots of time to think about the matter, and she’s still upset. She brought the controversy up again at the 2018 Writers Guild Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend. While presenting at the ceremony, Griffin both made fun of her situation while calling out the WGA for staying silent and not supporting her through the scandal:

“It’s me, Kathy Griffin — I got a haircut and I lost my career in a day. Hi. I just want to thank all the powerful writers and showrunners in this room for f***ing no support. Where the f*** have you been? I was supposed to thank everyone for their support, and no one [lifted] their finger.

“Honestly, if you think it can’t happen to you, it can, and it can happen like that. You may have hated that photo, and that’s OK, but if one of your 12-year-old kids puts it on Twitter, they shouldn’t have to be under a two-month federal investigation, be on the No Fly List and the Interpol list.”

Griffin met with the Secret Service over the summer over the questionable photo but was cleared of any potential charges. Soon after, she retracted her apology while declaring that the people offended by the photo were acting in bad faith.

(Via Page Six)