Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, A Former DOJ Candidate, Is Trolling Trump For His Travel Ban Tweets

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What appears to be an intriguing development in the Morning Joe-fueled saga regarding Kellyanne Conway’s loyalty to Donald Trump occurred when her husband, lawyer George Conway, trolled the president on Monday. In an early morning Twitter rant, Trump ridiculed his own Justice Department for watering down his travel ban (which he insists it should be called), and repeated his administration’s prior request that the Supreme Court reinstate the controversial executive order. Conway, a former Justice Department job candidate, used his own Twitter account to criticize the president’s tweets.

“These tweets may make some [people] feel better,” he wrote in the since-confirmed tweet. However, Conway added, they wouldn’t help the revised travel ban get the votes it needed from the Supreme Court — let alone an audience. And just to make sure his comments weren’t simply a bit of free advice for the president, Conway used one of Trump’s own favorite expressions against him at the end: “Sad.”

On Friday, Conway pulled his name from consideration for a high-level position in the Civil Division of Trump’s Justice Department. In a statement obtained by the Washington Post, Conway wrote he was “profoundly grateful to the President and to the Attorney General for selecting me to serve in the Department of Justice. I have reluctantly concluded, however, that, for me and my family, this is not the right time for me to leave the private sector and take on a new role in the federal government.”

Judging by Conway’s apparent sentiment in his Monday tweet, his first since late 2015, it seems his gratefulness may not be as strong as previously suggested. And to make matters even more complicated, his public admonition of the president flies in the face of his wife’s ongoing public and private battle to retain her vaulted position in the administration. After all, she was on the TODAY show a few hours earlier, lashing out at the media for its apparent “obsession with covering everything [Trump] says on Twitter” while defending his travel ban rant.

Either George’s critique of Trump’s tweets isn’t as harsh as it otherwise appears, Morning Joe‘s previous theories about Kellyanne’s loyalty to the president aren’t wholly hogwash, or something else entirely is going on. But hey, we’re only in the beginning of Trump’s fifth month as president, so there’s plenty of time (today) for this story to be overshadowed by something else.