A Kid Brought A Loaded Gun To An Elementary School

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Officials at a Springfield, Mo. elementary school discovered on Thursday that one of their students had brought a loaded gun to school.

Administrators found the gun in the student’s backpack after two classmates reported seeing said student “with something that appeared to be a gun,” reports the Springfield News-Leader, quoting a letter to parents from Portland Elementary principal Josh Holt. After this discovery, the student was transferred to juvenile detention, wrote Holt. You can read the whole letter here at local station KY3’s website.

Holt also wrote about there had been no indication that the student made any threats against the school, or anybody associated with Portland Elementary School. The student apparently talked about having no intention of using the gun at school. There have been no injuries associated with this incident.

The Springfield News-Leader also reports that the school is following standard disciplinary procedures, which include an “automatic 10-day out-of-school suspension,” and a possible 180 day suspension pending a hearing. School officials wouldn’t release identifying details about the student, who is a minor, citing privacy concerns.

Local broadcast station KY3 has reactions from various parents of Portland Elementary students, as well as school officials. One mother called the incident “frightful,” which is an understandable reaction, to say the least.