A Korean Air Flight Attendant Traveling Between Seoul And LAX Has Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus

We know the coronavirus will continue to spread worldwide, but so far things have been pretty quiet stateside — with the virus contained to just 53 people. However, even the most optimistic among us would admit that it’s not a question of if that number will rise but when. And the answer seems to be “soon.” CBS reports that a flight attendant for Korean Air who had worked on several flights in and out of the Los Angeles International Airport has been diagnosed with coronavirus, which is concerning for anyone who may have been on one of those flights and unknowingly exposed to the virus.

South Korean media outlets report that the flight attendant had worked between LAX and the Seoul-Incheon International Airport between February 19th and the 20th, and had earlier serviced a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Seoul, where she may have contracted the virus from a traveling church group from South Korea. To date, 30 members of the church group have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

CBS also reports that a 23-year-old U.S. soldier who was stationed at South Korea’s Camp Carroll has also tested positive for coronavirus and has been quarantined off-base. South Korea remains the sight of the worst outbreak of coronavirus infection outside of mainland China with 1,261 confirmed cases and 12 deaths.