A Fox News Guest Suggests Users Of Legalized Weed In California Will Lace It With ‘Crack Cocaine Or PCP’

Seeing as how Fox & Friends ended 2017 with ridiculous guest appearances by ex-Sheriff David Clarke and ex-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, the Fox News Channel’s flagship morning program needed to up the ante for 2018. Cue Bishop Ron Allen, a leader of the International Faith Based Coalition and a staunch opponent of drug legalization — especially marijuana. Allen has appeared on FNC numerous times to rail against medical marijuana policies, and with California’s recent legalization of recreational weed use, Fox & Friends figured he would be the perfect guest to ring in the new year.

Citing his previous experiences with drug use, Allen said he would decry marijuana as a “gateway drug” (despite evidence to the contrary) if given the chance to speak to legislators in California and elsewhere:

“I started with marijuana, and I know that people say whatever you’re on doesn’t have an addictive personality. I’m sorry. Marijuana is so elusive, that’s why they’re messing with it. They think that it’s like tobacco or something. I’m not sure, and tobacco is very bad, but I started with marijuana. You start with one joint, and you go to two joints, and you go to five joints, and you go to 10 joints — because after a while, five joints won’t get you high. And when 10 joints won’t get you high, you start lacing it with crack cocaine or PCP.”

In conclusion, Allen declared such mixtures would become the norm “in the state of California and across the nation” (even though California’s legalization doesn’t directly affect other states). He also argued, “Marijuana is absolutely the greatest crossover drug for any other drug to be added to it.” Of course, the bishop’s boisterous commentary excludes years of research into the matter that by no means confirms marijuana is as an extreme a gateway drug as he suggests. Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s official website admits, “The majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances.”

(Via Fox News)