Lewis Black Gives A Perfect Example Of Why He Thinks The GOP Tax Plan Is A Failure

Lewis Black was Colbert’s guest for his Friday show and while it was taped on Wednesday, Black’s take on the impending GOP tax vote in the Senate was evergreen. While Colbert and Black shared a few friendly stories about Thanksgiving and the joys of celebrating overseas, away from family and “assh*les,” the chat soon turned to politics with Black.

When it comes to describing the idea of “trickle down” economics, Black has possibly dropped the funniest and best way to explain what it is and why it doesn’t work to your friends, family, and neighbors. Black freely admits that the bill benefits people like himself, meaning it is clearly bad and not helping the people who need it. Then when pressed on that and the idea that the wealth will “trickle down,” Black dives in:

“You want to test that trickle down theory? Drink about 20 beers. Then pee your pants. Then put a cup down here and stand and see how long it takes for that pee to fill up that cup.”

For every economist that tries to explain how trickle down economics doesn’t work on CNN, they should realize that all they need to do is lower their standards just a bit and follow Black’s example.

The two then move on and discuss the growing wave of sexual misconduct allegations going public. Black blames it on his generation dropping the ball on ideas they introduced about women’s rights and equality, but then questions where all of these men are finding the time to sexually harass at work.

(Via The Late Show)