A Commuter Train Derails In Brooklyn, Causing ‘Total Chaos’ And Injuring Dozens Of People

Early Wednesday morning, a A Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter rail train derailed and crashed at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York. According to one witness interviewed by the local CBS affiliate, the scene became “total chaos” following a “loud impact” that propelled her and other passengers out of their seats. Initial reports suggested around 20 people on and nearby the train had been injured by the crash, but the FDNY subsequently upped the tally to 37 “non life-threatening” injuries in a tweet.

Passenger Aaron D. Neufeld tweeted about the derailment moments after it happened. “My #LIRR train crashed at #AtlanticTerminal in #Brooklyn,” he said, adding: “Crazy. Seems only a few people are lightly injured.” Neufeld accompanied the hashtagged tweet with four images from the scene at Atlantic Terminal.

According to NBC New York, the derailed LIRR train plowed into the terminal at around 8:30 a.m. local time. No official reason for the derailment has been given by authorities on the scene, but witness accounts all corroborate reports of successive loud crashes.

Other passengers present at the scene tweeted photos from the derailment’s aftermath.

Meanwhile, NYPD Special Ops tweets photos of their personnel responding to the scene while traffic congested outside Atlantic Terminal.

ABC News posted a video inside the terminal following the derailment.

Wednesday’s incident comes just over three months after a New Jersey commuter train crashed into the Hoboken station during morning rush hour.

UPDATE: The FDNY now reports there were 103 “non-life-threatening” injuries related to the LIRR derailment. Before that, the department upped the tally from 37 to 76 reported injuries. Their official Twitter account issued the updates, along with new photos from the scene.

(Via CBS News and NBC New York)