Over Two Dozen People Were Shot In A Mass-Shooting Incident At A Little Rock Nightclub

A shooting at the Power Bar and Ultra Lounge in Little Rock, Arkansas last night left 17 injured, but is being reported a neither a terror incident or a premeditated mass shooting according to police who responded. Reports indicate that it was a shootout that started as a late night dispute during a concert at the club. At least 17 people were shot, and more were injured as revelers fled the nightclub and even jumped out of windows to remove themselves from the fray.

Murky cellphone footage caught the moment the shooting began on the second floor of the Ultra Lounge, where concertgoers had gathered for a show put on by rapper Finesse 2tymes. Several rounds were fired in quick succession as club goers immediately began to scream and get out of the lounge.

Details are still forthcoming as police investigate, and there are apparently multiple shooting suspects to talk with. None of the victims were shot fatally, although several were teenagers and one victim was initially in critical condition. That patient has now been upgraded to stable according to the Little Rock police.

There has been no official statement yet from the club’s general manager, Herman Lewis, or from Little Rock Police beyond their Twitter updates.

UPDATE 1:08pm EST: Little Rock police are now saying that 25 people were shot at the nightclub.

(Via: CNN, NBC)

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