Louis C.K. Thinks Hillary Clinton Being A Mother Will Make Her A Great President

We’re a week out from the election and Hillary Clinton is campaigning hard in Arizona, which she could steal, and elsewhere around the country. Celebrities from all areas of Hollywood are coming out to endorse the former Secretary of State just in case Trump has one last voter support push in him. One such celebrity is Louis CK, who went on Conan on Tuesday to share exactly why he thinks Hillary Clinton would be a great president.

Louis’ main point? That she wouldn’t be the first women president but the first mother to be president as well. He throws in some very “CK-esque” jokes about the difference between fathers and mothers and to be honest they are very accurate. There have been more than 200 years of fathers leading the country, what’s the harm in switching it up now? Plus, Bill would definitely love to live in the White House with no stress or pressure. All the better to enjoy the big screen on football Sundays or the basketball courts on lonely Thursday nights when Hills is traveling. And of course now Hillary can live in the White House with a fully grown daughter out ruling the world in her own way, not a teenager that probably takes a lot more parenting.

There’s still a lot that could happen between now and next Tuesday, but Louis makes some good points and if Hillary wins on November 8th it will be a whole new type of parent, politician, and leader occupying the White House than ever before.