Maria Bartiromo Joins Others At Fox News In Supporting Roger Ailes

As sexual harassment allegations swirl around Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, Maria Bartiromo is coming to Ailes’ defense.

The business news luminary spoke with Variety about the claims of inappropriate behavior leveled at Ailes as Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit continues to loom large in the broadcasting world. According to Bartiromo, she hasn’t encountered that sort of culture at Fox News.

“Nobody wants to see anybody have any bad experiences,” said Bartiromo of the allegations, during an interview with Variety. “It’s just not in keeping with what I know, and my experience at Fox.”

Bartiromo isn’t the only Fox News personality that has spoken up in support of Ailes. Greta Van Susteren recently expressed suspicion regarding Carlson’s lawsuit, telling The Daily Beast: “I don’t like it when I think somebody is being falsely accused or wronged. I’m an old criminal defense attorney. This one’s wrong, based on my experience.”

Ailes and Bartiromo have a longstanding professional relationship. Ailes is credited with sending Bartiromo to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for CNBC and the journo would eventually leave her post at CNBC to join Fox News under Ailes’ watch.

“I’ve known Roger Ailes for 25 years since he first hired me at CNBC and hired me again two and a half years ago. I’ve known him to be nothing but a professional,” offered Bartiromo. “I’ve learned so much from him and continue to grow.”

In case you’re wondering how messy this situation is going to get, Fox recently released handwritten notes from Carlson to Ailes. So, uh, yeah.

(via Variety)