Martin Shkreli Attempted To Pick A Fight With Patton Oswalt On Twitter And Failed Miserably

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Pharma-douche Martin Shkreli is once again coming out of his troll hole to bait comedians on Twitter, even though it will never work out well for him. Back in August, Shkreli responded in vulgar fashion to a joke Stephen Colbert made at his expense on The Late Show, only to immediately get his ass handed back to him. Undeterred, the noted right-winger went after Patton Oswalt on Monday night over a pretty innocuous (and also pretty hilarious) recurring Donald Trump joke the comedian got trending.

In response to the latest crop of ridiculous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health, Oswalt threw out a reference to a jokey one that had been starting to make the rounds, cavalierly suggesting that the Republican candidate might not be able to swim.

Which is ridiculous, right?

Of course, this being the internet, within an hour or so, #TrumpCantSwim was the top trending hashtag on Twitter. One person who didn’t think it was so funny, however, was Shkreli, who tweeted an always reliable burn at Oswalt even though, really, the whole thing had nothing to do with him in the first place. Not that “having nothing to do with him” would stop a master level troll like Shkreli!

Now, we all know that Patton Oswalt has been known to take down far better men than Shkreli on Twitter, so from there the game was officially on.

Twitter, at this point: “Wait, what?” I mean he was on that show, but…

Of course, Shkreli had to get the final word in.

Normally I would advise anyone, much less Patton Oswalt, against engaging with a troll like Shkreli, but damn if the whole thing wasn’t worth it for “Transdermal Patch Adams.”