Meghan McCain Slams Steve Bannon After He Criticized Mitt Romney For Not Serving In The Military

As the sole conservative voice on The View, Meghan McCain often struggles with trying to fairly represent the viewpoint of the right — especially given the toxicity of today’s political landscape. So on Wednesday’s show, while discussing how Steve Bannon had slammed Mitt Romney for not serving in Vietnam while campaigning for Roy Moore the previous evening, McCain — who has been outspoken in her condemnation of the Alabama senate candidate — had clearly had enough.

“I thought we don’t like people who were captured,” she burst out, referring to Donald Trump’s remarks about her father, Senator John McCain, during his presidential campaign. “Like, who the hell are you to be sitting here talking about service when what your administration said about my father. Take a seat,” she snapped, to cheers from the audience.

“Let me just take this for a minute, ladies,” she said to her co-hosts, who were happy to oblige. “First of all, I don’t like service shaming in general. People are called to serve when they’re called to serve, they’re not when they’re not, I don’t like doing that in general, it’s very hypocritical after what President Trump said about my father — never apologized by the way, still haven’t gotten an apology,” she said. “So give me a break.”

“Steve Bannon did serve, he was in the Navy for a long period of time,” she continued. “What’s fascinating about this is Steve Bannon is so threatened by Mitt Romney right now, there’s a lot on rumors that [he’s] going to end up running for Senate in Utah if Orrin Hatch steps down.” McCain noted that the last thing Bannon would want is Romney in the Senate, adding that traffic for Breitbart is currently down 20 percent from last year and that “Steve Bannon is running scared right now.”

Dang, tell it woman.