Megyn Kelly Was Booed By Kathy Griffin After Claiming ‘There Is Much To Admire’ About Donald Trump

Between Amazon book review trolls and her own Fox News colleague Bill O’Reilly, Kelly File host Megyn Kelly is having no trouble holding her own in the spotlight. Then again, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s kept up with Kelly’s career since her new book, Settle for More, hit store shelves. She’s been fielding barbs from former boss Roger Ailes and President-elect Donald Trump for some time now, and if her exchange with comedian Kathy Griffin on Wednesday is any indication, she won’t be getting a break anytime soon.

Kelly delivered some positive remarks about Trump at the Hollywood Reporter‘s “Women in Entertainment” event on Wednesday morning. Several attendees associated with the entertainment magazine, including staff writer Chris Gardner, began documenting portions of Kelly’s speech when her light praise for Trump elicited several boos and other choice comments from Griffin.

“I have high hopes for him. Despite the tweets and all the rest of it, there is much to admire about Donald Trump,” said Kelly. Griffin’s first boo could be heard soon after, which inspired laughter from the crowd and Kelly’s admonition: “There it is. Stop that.” The Fox News host took Giffin’s criticism in stride, saying “there’s room for the loyal opposition” while moving on with her remarks.

Griffin’s repeated criticisms notwithstanding, Kelly reiterated “there is much to admire about [Trump]”:

“The more we understand that, and understand why he won this election, the better off we’ll be as a country — we’ll understand each other. We should appeal to his best angels, and we should hold him to account when the little devils appear… As a people, and as women, we must reject the urge to fight with pigs — which gets us dirty, and the pigs enjoy.”

Whether or not Griffin agreed with Kelly’s final comments is unknown, for THR and Gardner’s videos didn’t catch the entirety of their exchange. Then again, considering that the comedian also shouted “f*ck him” at one point in the first video above, it’s probably safe to assume that she didn’t.

(Via Mediaite)