Watch Melania Trump Nudge The President To Raise His Hand For The National Anthem

Donald Trump has a lot on his mind, so it’s understandable if at times he drifts off into outer space as he ponders his next chess move in his quest to “Make America Great Again.” Monday, at the annual White House Easter Roll, it appeared as if Trump had one of those daydream moments, but First Lady Melania Trump saved the day.

As the President, The First Lady, and their son Barron all stood for the National Anthem, two of the three remembered the long honored tradition of placing one’s hand over their heart, but one did not. The President of the United States was the odd-man out, but luckily an observant Melania noticed and gave him a subtle nudge. Unfortunately for Trump, the entire Internet also noticed that Mr. America First had a momentary lapse of awareness. They were also quick to point out that Melania Trump, an immigrant, was the one who had to remind Trump of the standard procedure. People lit into Trump on social media, as usual.

Next time anyone plays the “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the presence of an Easter bunny, you can bet Donald Trump will snap out of his daydream and put his hand on his chest.