Melania Trump Also Included A Rickroll In Her Possibly Plagiarized RNC Speech

Despite delivering an otherwise moving speech about her husband on Monday night, Melania Trump (or her speechwriters) possibly plagiarized certain portions from remarks Michelle Obama gave in 2008. As former speechwriter and The Atlantic national correspondent James Fallows points out, English isn’t the former model’s first language, and she didn’t necessarily sign up to be a political spokesperson when she and Donald married in 2005. Yet here we are, discussing the pros and cons of plagiarism while overlooking the fact that Melania “rickrolled” the entire nation.

Reporters and pundits at Quicken Loans Arena, as well as countless others watching live television coverage at home, noticed a few of Rick Astley’s infamous lyrics were embedded in the speech. “He will never, ever give up,” the potential next First Lady told the crowd, “and, most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.” Sure, she was praising her New York real estate mogul husband for his “never-give-up attitude,” thereby suggesting his longstanding concern for America qualified him for the country’s top job.

While the all too recognizable synths from “Never Gonna Give You Up” weren’t present, however, the real message was clear. Melania (and her speechwriters) were rickrolling us all.

(Via Akron Beacon Journal)