Michael Jace Of ‘The Shield’ Has Been Found Guilty Of Murdering His Wife

Last week, we reported on the disturbing details surrounding The Shield actor Michael Jace’s murder of his wife. His children testified that they watched Jace drag their mother into the hallway, saying, “Run to heaven,” before shooting her three times: once in the back, and twice in the legs. Jace told investigators that he merely wanted to “hurt” April Jace, but he ended up shooting her to death.

On Tuesday, the on-going trial in April Jace’s murder reached a climax when Michael Jace was found guilty of second-degree murder. Michael’s lawyers were attempting to get the charge reduced to voluntary manslaughter because it wasn’t a premeditated act, but the judge did not see it their way. Apparently, Jace was upset that his wife wanted to divorce him.

Jace was facing up to 50 years for a first-degree murder charge, so it remains to be seen what his sentence will be now that the official charge is second-degree murder.

(via Page Six)