Michael Moore Surprises An Audience By Predicting That Trump Won’t Be Impeached Until ‘His Second Term’

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Ever since Michael Moore correctly predicted on the Bill Maher show in July of last year that Donald Trump would win the presidential election, he’s been one of the voices some Americans have turned to in regards to what to expect next. Unfortunately, most of his predictions haven’t exactly made those people feel any better.

Moore’s latest prediction is sure to depress those holding out hope President Trump won’t be a thing very much longer. While speaking at an anniversary screening of his famous Bowling for Columbine documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday night, Moore was asked by an audience member for a prediction as to when Donald Trump might be impeached. The answer Moore gave wasn’t what the audience expected, as Vanity Fair reports:

“I would say some time in the middle of his second term,” Moore predicted.

The audience, much like you may have just done, responded by dropping to their knees and yelling “No!” to the sky. Moore joked that this was exactly how people reacted when he predicted on Bill Maher that Trump would win in the first place.

Moore then went on to explain that his Trump presidency prediction played out correctly because “Ignorance leads to fear.” Moore said Trump turned that fear into votes:

“Fear leads to hate — Trump knew that part of the equation very well — and hate leads to violence. Or to use your ballot as an act of violence against the people you hate.”

If you’re finding yourself believing every word Moore says on the subject, you could always try to thwart his prediction by following his “Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.” That, or pray. Whatever you think is best.

(Via Vanity Fair)