Pizzagate Truther Mike Cernovich Is Dropping His Support For Trump Because It’s ‘Bad For Business’

Walking My Wife Left Me joke and Pizzagate Truther Mike Cernovich has ridden the Trump wave to a large social media following and built a brand based on the far-right and pick-up artist techniques. However, the right-wing vlogger has had it up to here with the President and has decided to “pivot” from “being a pro-Trump guy” and become “more of a journalistic guy.”

Cernovich made his big announcement during a 46-minute rant on Periscope that was ostensibly about Anthony Scaramucci being fired from his as White House communications director. Cernovich said “there is no upside” to “getting Trump’s message out” and noted that the President was “bad for business” because a book Cernovich had written about him had not sold well. In his video, Cernovich can’t help but sound, well, Trumpian when he says he no longer wants to be known as “a pro-Trump guy”:

“So, I’m glad that I’ve been doing more [Gorilla] Mindset stuff, the journalism stuff. I pivoted from a pro-Trump guy to more of a journalistic guy, and I’m going to keep making that pivot. So whenever people think of me as like a pro-Trump guy, I don’t want people to think of me as a pro-Trump guy anymore. I want people to think of me as a Mindset guy, a journalist, a commentator, a social media personality, a filmmaker, an author, but I got to — I have to pivot so far away from anything pro-Trump, I just got to keep going that way. So, I’ve been pivoting — I’ve been pivoting a little bit, which I told you, right? I’ve been pivoting. And now the pivot is going to be even bigger because, what do you get from being a pro-Trump guy? Right, you shill for Trump all day?

“I don’t want anyone to think of me as a pro-Trump guy. I’m going to specifically reject any kind of branding about pro-Trump or whatever. I’m going this way. Big, big pivot. Big, big pivot. So, I had already made a little bit of a pivot, a little bit more; now, all the way over here. That’s where I am.”

Cernovich goes on to say that when the “GOP elite and the deep state” take on the administration, pro-Trump people will lose businesses and their reputations will be ruined.

As Media Matters points out, Cernovich has “rebranded” in the past to attract a bigger social media audience, but there are other MAGA chuds making similar announcements, so it’s possible even Trump’s biggest supporters are beginning to crack.

(Via Media Matters)