Mitch McConnell Again Calls For Roy Moore To Leave The Alabama Senate Race: ‘I Believe The Women’

Aside from former Republican presidential nominee and potential Utah Senator Mitt Romney, several prominent GOP politicians and conservative commentators have called on Alabama politician Roy Moore to leave the state’s Senate race. Even Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who’s currently battling Keurig and corporate America for pulling advertising from his show, initially expressed his disappointment in Moore. Why? Because the former state judge turner Senate hopeful has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.

However, Monday saw Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell double-down on his previous, somewhat skeptical statement regarding Moore’s candidacy when reporters in his native Kentucky asked about the upcoming Alabama election. “I think he should step aside,” the senator told the press late Monday morning. Following up on the comment, another reporter asked if McConnell believed the many allegations against Moore “were true.” His response? “I believe the women.”

As for what Republicans will do if Moore actually does leave the race as requested, McConnell mentioned the possibility of a write-in candidate but didn’t get into specifics. Yet as Washington Post politics reporters Dave Weigel pointed out on Twitter, “If we learned one thing in the Strange/Moore primary, it’s that McConnell has next to zero clout w Alabama GOP voters.” And seeing as how Moore refuses to step down and has even threatened to sue the Washington Post, McConnell’s forceful statement likely won’t have a noticeable effect on the Alabama race.

(Via Spectrum News and Associated Press)