The ‘Morning Joe’ Crew Slams Trump As ‘Demented And Deranged’ Over His Nuclear Button Tweet

Donald Trump’s tenuous grip on reality seemed even more strained than usual when he returned to the White House this week following his extended holiday break in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort. The president tweeted a whopping 16 times on Tuesday, but his pièce de résistance, if you will, was a careless and dangerous tweet lobbed at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in which he compared the size of nuclear buttons in what seemed like a thinly-veiled d*ck-measuring contest.

The Morning Joe panel discussed Trump’s tweet on Wednesday morning’s show — sans Joe and Mika — and it’s safe to say the MSNBC commentators were as angered and bewildered as everyone else.

“It’s still a connection to normalcy here for all of our lifetimes, any president of any party who treated threats of nuclear war in any way in a cavalier way, we have not seen that really from Republicans or Democrats,” remarked MSNBC National Affairs Analyst John Heilemann. “Anybody who treated this cavalierly would be roundly condemned by all serious people if both parties.”

“He is not merely being cavalier with a threat about nuclear war. He’s being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented and deranged,” he continued. “And [none of our] serious allies or adversaries around the world think that he’s a serious person, talking about the most serious threat that the world ever faces.”

Sobering words, indeed.