Muslim Women In America Are Terrified Of Wearing A Hijab In Public After Trump Takes The Presidency

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It’s only November, two months away from Inauguration Day, and Donald Trump has already been dubbed the “Islamophobia president.” After soundly beating presumed-frontrunner Hillary Clinton by an electoral college count of 289-218, Trump implored Americans in his victory speech “to come together as one united people,” and that the time is now “to bind the wounds of division.” You’ll have to forgive Muslim-Americans for not believing him.

After all, the president-elect pronounced in December 2015 that he supports a “total and complete” ban on Muslims entering the United States. “We have no choice,” he told his supporters, repeating, “We have no choice. We have no choice.” One of Trump’s many campaign promises was to force Muslims in America to register in a database. When asked by an NBC News reporter, “Is there a difference between requiring Muslims to register and Jews in Nazi Germany?” Trump responded, “You tell me,” before ominously walking away.

It’s no wonder Muslims are worried for their safety. “One has to wonder what Donald Trump will say next as he ramps up his anti-Muslim bigotry,” warned Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Where is there left for him to go? Are we talking internment camps? Are we talking the final solution to the Muslim question? I feel like I’m back in the 1930s.” Hooper said that before Trump was elected president — imagine how he feels today. Actually, we don’t have to. Many Muslims, particularly Muslim women, are sharing their fears on Twitter.

Be good to each other out there.