Everything You Need To Know About The Mysterious Trump Employee Meredith McIver

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Today, we finally found out who to point the finger at when it comes to Melania Trump’s heartfelt, controversial speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday. Trump organization ghostwriter, ballerina, and friend of Melania Trump Meredith McIver fell on her sword for the Republican candidate, taking blame for the speech and offering to step down after releasing her admission.

It would be the first time that somebody connected to the Trump campaign has apologized for anything that has been said on the campaign trail, but many aren’t fully buying it. Better yet, there’s precedent to actually question the existence of a person within the Trump empire — who could ever forget John Miller, Trump’s PR right hand man.

For many, McIver might be a similar creation of Trump and company and they’re not holding back their speculation:

Now as we you’ll see, the past attempts at alter egos aren’t the only reason that people are questioning McIver’s existence. There’s very little detail on McIver’s past online. A glance at Amazon shows her involvement in most of Trump’s book releases, but you won’t easily find her photo near any of the books. Taking the ghost aspect of writing to another level.

Also there’s her strange Facebook page that just popped up in the past few days and plenty of history that seemed to have a house on the internet but has since been removed.

Luckily, The Heavy has tracked down some solid info on a Meredith McIver. They managed to dig up her New York Board of Elections records, finding out she was a registered Democrat, and a profile on All American Speakers. It feels like there’s actually a real person involved despite all the crazy, comedic speculation.

We’ll just have to wait for the first tell all book or sit-down interview featuring McIver. She’ll be able to set the record straight and clear the air for her friends. Until then, let the speculation continue.

(Via Mashable / The Heavy)