Neal Brennan Seems Perplexed By The GOP’s Love For Trump: ‘He’s Everything You Said You Hated’

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Neal Brennan’s recent appearances on The Daily Show have been wonderful additions to the Trevor Noah era of the show. He can put on quite a show while defending Kim and Kanye or he can make a grand point about our current political climate like in Tuesday’s segment. The Chappelle’s Show co-creator based his latest appearance around the GOP’s apparently love for “their boy” Donald Trump, all despite checking off every box on the checklist of things they hate with a passion.

When Obama played golf, you had members of Congress shaming him from the floor of the Capitol and making it seem like he was shirking his duty. Meanwhile, Trump is spending every weekend at “The Southern White House” and seems to be attempting to play golf and lead the nation all at the same time. And then there’s Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi connection, forcing many on the Right to boil under their skin. But as Brennan points out, there isn’t much outrage over what happened in Yemen and the president’s response to it. Worse yet, he likely could’ve dug in for more on the hypocrisy between Clinton and Trump. It seems like everybody is having similar issues, but only one person faced chants of “lock her up.”

The final point is what truly resonates from this segment. If you spend even a moment on Twitter, you have people pointing out the frustrating double standard for Trump and his predecessors. It’s very common and doesn’t seem to be having much effect with those on the other side. But when you point out that Republicans are more worried about winning than they are worried about America, things hit a little harder. It also makes the newly released GOP replacement for the ACA a bit more troubling. Who will see the benefits?

(Via The Daily Show)