Even More Hillary Clinton Emails Surface And May Be Linked To Benghazi

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In what seems like a never-ending story, Bloomberg reported that more of Hillary Clinton’s emails will be going under the microscope. This time around, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch Inc. filed a Freedom of Information Act case back in 2015 to see if any more of the Democratic presidential nominees’ emails were related to Benghazi. That case is moving forward, and a judge has ordered the U.S. State Department to turn over newly discovered emails.

On Tuesday, a federal judge has set a deadline of one week for the U.S. State Department to reveal how many of 30 new uncovered emails are related to the 2012 terrorist attack. The deadline from U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta stems from the watchdog group’s 2015 lawsuit, which sought access the new emails that were discovered by the FBI. The U.S. has already handed over 343 documents relating to the raid, and Clinton herself is looking to move past the controversy. Government officials told Mehta they will start handing over the new FBI discovered emails September 30 and hope to wrap everything up by October 31.

But lawyers for Judicial Watch Inc., said they are not happy with that timetable. State Department spokesman John Kirby said some of those 30 emails may just be duplicates of the already 52,000 pages that have been accessed in other Freedom of Information Act cases:

“Using broad search terms, we have identified approximately 30 documents potentially responsive to a Benghazi-related request. At this time, we have not confirmed that the documents are, in fact, responsive, or whether they are duplicates of materials already provided to the Department by former Secretary Clinton in December 2014.”

The FBI has already reprimanded Clinton for her handling of her private email server, but some have voiced their displeasure with that decision. This controversy doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon and will likely pop up during the presidential debates.

(Via Bloomberg)

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