Belgian Police Release New Footage Of The Surviving Brussels Airport Suspect

Following March’s coordinated terrorist bombings in Brussels, authorities have continued to search for those responsible in a series of raids. One key suspect still evades arrest, and he was initially introduced as the gloveless man in the above photo. The two men on the left, who have been identified by Belgian police, perished as suicide bombers in the two Zaventem airport explosions. Their telltale gloves concealed a “dead-man’s switch,” so it didn’t take authorities more than a few moments to realize the rightmost suspect must have survived the bombings.

The media speculated over the man’s identity with some outlets wondering if this was Najim Laachraoui, a suspected accomplice to Paris terror coordinator Salah Abdeslam (who was arrested in Brussels just days before the city’s attacks). There was confusion over whether authorities arrested this man as the dust settled, but any reports were quickly dispelled.

Now, police have released CCTV footage of the escaped suspect, but he remains nameless and is only referred to as a third offender. The man is shown leaving the airport terminal and hauling down the street, past the airport and rental-car areas. He wore a bright jacket, which he trashed and police wish to recover for possible clues. The full video description reveals more about the suspect’s travel route, and police guarantee discretion to anyone who provides information that could lead to an arrest.