Newt Gingrich Oddly Commemorates The Pearl Harbor Anniversary By Praising Japan’s Attack On America

On the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, politicians and news organizations took time out of their busy day to reflect on a harrowing day in U.S history. But Newt Gingrich tried something different. While some were giving their condolences, the former Speaker of the House decided to praise the ingenuity of the Japanese army during the attack.

Gingrich took to Twitter on Wednesday and commended the Japanese for their tactical brilliance during the attack and said how it was one of biggest surprise attacks in history. He may have had a larger point to make, but it caught some off guard, especially for a guy who is known for his head scratching comments. Gingrich did not provide any context for his questionable tweets or a follow up:

It’s a bit of an odd statement to make and suffice to say, some found his tweets peculiar and let him know:

If Gingrich is looking to make himself standout on the anniversary, he sure did that. But he may have wanted to reword his tribute for one of the biggest surprise attacks in American history or perhaps offered a rebuttal to his first round of tweets.

(Via Newt Gingrich on Twitter)