Newt Gingrich To Announce Candidacy For President Via Twitter, Facebook

Thrice-married serial philanderer/family values conservative Newt Gingrich is running for the Republican presidential nomination — everyone already knows this — but his campaign machinery announced today that they’ll announce it formally on Wednesday, via Twitter and Facebook of course, no doubt to make the pudgy old gasbag appear “hip” and “edgy” to the youngs.

Reports Yahoo:

According to his spokesman, Gingrich will announce his intentions on Facebook and Twitter, ahead of a previously scheduled appearance at a GOP convention in Georgia this Friday.

The announcement comes just over two months after Gingrich pulled a bait and switch about his 2012 intentions. In March, the former GOP lawmaker held a press conference in Georgia, where his campaign had hinted he would launch a 2012 exploratory committee.

But Gingrich instead announced “an exploratory phase” and registered an officially unofficial fund-raising committee with the Internal Revenue Service that allowed him raise cash for a 2012 effort without giving up his ties to a network of political non-profits that fund his day-to-day operations.

But wait…didn’t Gingrich just announce he’s running for president on Twitter a couple of hours ago?

Yeah, kinda. This is all so confusing, which means that YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, NEWT!

Further, Gingrich’s manic embrace of social media will almost certainly result in one thing: He will find his next mistress to leave his current wife on her sickbed for via Facebook or Twitter.