North Korea Launches A Long-Range Rocket And World Leaders React

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North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Sunday, saying that the rocket carries a satellite. Various world leaders allege that the launch is a missile test.

According to Reuters, North Korea called the launch a “complete success.” The country’s state-controlled news agency showed a picture of the rocket launching into the air. A camera on the North Korean-Chinese border also snapped a picture of the rocket as a streak of light. North Korea also released a video of residents applauding the launch.

The launch, which was ordered by North Korea’s current dictator, Kim Jong Un, was said to have celebrated “an epochal event in developing the country’s science, technology, economy and defense capability by legitimately exercising the right to use space for independent and peaceful purposes.”

North Korea last launched a long range rocket in 2012.

The UN Security Council is set to have an emergency meeting on Sunday about the rocket launch. The United States and South Korea are also discussing the deployment of a missile defense system in South Korea against North Korea.

A lot of countries condemned the launch, including North Korea’s allies, China and Russia. Australia, Japan, and the UN Secretary General also joined in criticizing this action.

(via Reuters)