Obama Will Disappear To A South Pacific Island To Write His White House Memoir

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It’s good to be Barack Obama these days. While the rest of us are obsessing over every miss-step the Trump administration takes, President Obama is out here stacking vacations on top of vacations. From trips to Palm Springs, getaways to the Caribbean, meet-and-greets in Hawaii, and jet-skiing expeditions with British billionaire Richard Branson on his own private island, Obama has been living the stress-free life since he handed over the White House keys to President Trump this past January.

Now, the Washington Post is reporting that Obama is making an extended stay on the South Pacific island of Tetiaroa, an island once owned by the actor Marlon Brando, for his own personal White House memoir writing retreat.

Reports are that Obama has been staying on the island since Mid-March, but his exact whereabouts are a tightly held secret. Before you get worried about how much an extended stay at a luxury resort on a French Polynesian island might cost your favorite ex-President, fear not. Penguin Random House recently won the bidding war over the rights to books by the former president and First Lady Michelle Obama, the price tag? Sixty-million dollars.

At this rate, Obama may be able to throw a travel blog in for free.

If you missed Obama’s recent travel adventures will billionaire Richard Branson, or if you just want to watch them again, enjoy the below clip.

(ViaThe Washington Post)