People Are Livid Over OnlyFans Screwing Over The Sex Workers Who Made Them Rich

Yesterday, OnlyFans announced that the platform will begin prohibiting sexually explicit content on its site, starting in October. According to Bloomberg, creators will still be allowed to post nude photos and videos, so long as they meet OnlyFans’ new policy guidelines (whatever that means, it is still all very unclear). In short, the platform is making a hard pivot toward supporting mainstream creators like musicians, chefs, influencers, and fitness instructors, and moving away from the type of creators who inarguably are responsible for people even knowing what OnlyFans is in the first place — sex workers.

The changes are apparently being made because of policy changes from credit card payment processors and the hurdles that the platform is facing in attracting new investors and banking partners to raise funding at a valuation of more than $1 billion. Of course, that valuation also came because they provided a safe haven for sex work — they certainly didn’t blow up because of chefs teaching people how to cook steak. Still, big brands being paranoid about partnering with a platform that traffics in any sort of clear pornography is clearly still a thing in 2021, regardless of how accepted sex work seems.

According to Fast Company, to date OnlyFans currently has over 120 million users and 1 million creators who have collectively earned more than $3 billion. Forbes puts the company’s revenue $375 million in 2020, thanks to a 20% revenue share with creators. Naturally, people had some thoughts

OnlyFans’ recent decision came as news to the many million sex workers on the platform, and sex workers are currently in a scramble figuring out what to do next and where to go from here. In an emailed press release, Dominic Ford, the founder of JustForFans, one of OnlyFans’ competitors, was quick to assure sex workers that there was still a platform willing to offer them support.

The adult industry is sadly used to companies cutting their teeth on the adult market and then abandoning them once they reach critical mass. was founded and built by and for sex workers and its staff is 100% comprised of sex workers and people who have been in the porn industry for many, many years. We are a porn site. That will never change and we have no interest in “mainstreaming.”

With OnlyFans turning into more of a… well, traditional fan site, it won’t be a shock if JustForFans and others race to pick up the slack.