Paul Ryan Took A Colorless Selfie With Capitol Hill Interns And The Internet Pounced On Him

House Speaker Paul Ryan seems like a lowkey guy — when he’s not endorsing Donald Trump, bashing Democratic sit-ins aimed at passing stricter gun legislation — but when it comes to posting Instagram selfies, he may want to think twice. Ryan got a group of Capitol Hill interns together for a photo-op over the weekend, and he shared the beautiful moment on social media.

The Republican lawmaker was pretty proud of the fact that he just set the Guinness World Record for the most interns in a single selfie. So proud in fact, that he didn’t notice something that was all-too-obvious to the internet. It’s no secret that Congress has a disproportionate lack of color, but it’s a bit worrisome that the Speaker of the House took this photo and posted it to a social media account without once considering the backlash he might receive or what the picture says about our political system as a whole.

So, the internet rose up to troll the heck out of Ryan and his selfie.

Then again, the lack of diversity might be best explained by this pretty succinct analysis by a certain Twitter user: