The Internet Is Amused By Paul Ryan’s Poker Face At The State Of The Union

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan revealed that he may have a little self-control issue during President Obama’s final State of the Union address. In doing so, he cheekily tweeted how he’d have a rough time keeping a straight face during the evening’s proceedings. All of this was in response to a CNN story that “revealed” how Ryan was dutifully practicing a “poker face” in the mirror.

So far, Ryan’s doing a fairly good job of not cracking a frown or a smile. Ryan’s quite the verbal contrarian, but his face went on silent protest for the event. Well, Ryan almost laughed at one point, but he quickly whipped his expression back into control. Ladies and gentleman, Paul Ryan stands for nothing tonight.

Twitter has noticed, and the internet is having a ball ripping on Ryan’s lack of emotion. He clapped a few times, but his heart just wasn’t in the process.