Paul Sorvino Threatens Harvey Weinstein For Blacklisting His Daughter, Mira: ‘I Will Kill The Motherf***er’

Before the holidays, Harvey Weinstein weakly attempted to deny blacklisting Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino as part of a “smear campaign” over his alleged pattern of sexual harassment and sexual assault. However, multiple directors, including Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and Terry Zwigoff (Bad Santa) contradicted Weinstein with the former calling the mogul out for an “insincere” denial. Both directors insisted that they wanted to cast Sorvino but Weinstein shut them down. And now, Mira’s legendary father, Paul Sorvino, has weighed in with a threat to the disgraced producer over the blacklisting.

In the above TMZ clip, Paul Sorvino expressed his disgust and contempt toward Weinstein. One cannot help but think of Goodfellas while Sorvino speaks about his hope that Harvey goes to jail because, otherwise, things could get uglier:

“He ought to hope he goes to jail because … if we come across … I think he’ll be lying on the floor somehow, magically … he’s gonna go to jail, oh yeah, that son of a b*tch. It’s good for him if he goes, because if not, he has to meet me, and I will kill the motherf***er. It’s that simple.”

Sorvino goes on to say that he did not know about the allegations against Weinstein, but if Sorvino had known, “He would not be walking.” He continued:

“My daughter is a wonderful person, a courageous and wonderful human being and doesn’t deserve to have been treated this way by this pig. So, this pig will get his comeuppance. The law will get him, he’s going to go to jail, and he’ll die in jail.”

Sorvino also described himself as (understandably) furious when he heard the avalanche of sexual misconduct accusations against Weinstein, particularly regarding his daughter. And other than blacklisting, it’s hard to understand how Mira could drop off the radar so quickly after winning an Academy Award for Mighty Aphrodite. The actress previously told Ronan Farrow that she felt cancelled from Hollywood after she “rejected Weinstein’s advances.” As for the subsequent public acknowledgment from Quentin Tarantino, who dated Mira, of “[knowing] enough to do more than I did,” Paul has not yet weighed in.

Meanwhile, New York and Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali has dropped a series of ominous tweets about Paul’s reaction. In doing so, Ali posted this video reaction of Paul watching Mira accept her Oscar. Yes, Weinstein should be worried.