Canadian Mounties Arrested Five Naked People After A ‘Bizarre’ And ‘Purposeful’ Car Crash

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Thanks to their iconic uniforms and iconic fictionalized representation, most people probably assume the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are our neighbor to the north’s idea of a park ranger instead of Canada’s version of the FBI. While the RCMP deal with a lot of whimsical, high-profile crime in Canada, they also have to deal with the weird crimes, too. Case in point: arresting five naked people outside Edmonton after a car crash.

The details are truly weird. After a “purposeful collision” between a car and a truck Monday in the town of Nisku, south of Edmonton, Alberta, the Mounties arrested five people on the scene who were naked, despite the temperature being below freezing at the time. While the event was initially described as “bizarre,” authorities have learned more about the incident: a man, a woman, and six-week-old baby were “forced into a vehicle against their will” from their home.

After somehow escaping, the three were picked up by a passerby in a truck and left the scene. They were pursued by the original vehicle, which rammed the truck, causing the collision. The RCMP said they were working under the assumption that the involved parties knew each other and that drugs could be a factor. Of the five arrested people arrested by the Mounties (a man, two women, and two female youths), the two youths were released without being charged. The three adults are still in custody and face charges for kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Serial season 3 producers, get yourselves to Edmonton.

(Via Washington Post & Global News)