President Obama Speaks Openly About His Decision To Review Russia’s Alleged Hacking On ‘The Daily Show’

Friday was a pretty good day to sit down for an interview with President Obama. Not only did Trevor Noah get the president right after he made the call for a review of the Election 2016 results thanks to Russia’s alleged meddling in the result, but The Daily Show host also sat down right after the CIA report hit the press thanks to The Washington Post.

Not a bad time to devote an entire episode to the interview. The first segment is devoted solely to the alleged hacking and the reports we saw all campaign regarding Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton’s email. He’s not wrong, of course. We did spend a whole lot of time ignoring actual campaign issues and focusing on stuff Trump said on Twitter, the FBI’s weird October surprise attempt, and Hillary Clinton apparently making her way to prison — which isn’t happening now. The main draw to this opening segment is how Obama finally gives us his reasoning behind launching his review now and now during the election.

Obama makes sure the people watching know that this was not a secret leading up to the election. It also hasn’t been a secret throughout history, with Russia and the United States meddling with each other for years since the start of the Cold War. He also spends a little time focusing on the coverage of the Clinton emails during the election, especially the somewhat mundane releases from Wikileaks.

It’s a fine interview that takes up the entire show, probably one of the better ones from this final run for the president. Check it out over at the official Daily Show site.

(Via The Daily Show)