Some NFL Fans Were Pretty Damn Angry When President Obama ‘Interrupted’ Sunday Night Football

On Sunday, the White House announced that President Obama would address the nation in the oval office at 8 PM. The focus of the address was to quell American’s fears about ISIS following the tragic shootings in San Bernadino this week. The timing of the address seemed to coincide with football Sunday as the second wave of NFL games generally end at 7:30 PM. Moreover, the Sunday Night game would not start until after Obama was finished.

Naturally this led to weeping and gnashing of teeth online as football fans felt Obama would cut into their precious game-watching experience.

You get the idea. There are hundreds of tweets just like that if you search “Obama + football” on Twitter. For what it’s worth, every single moment of the Steelers-Colts game was broadcast. There was no delay.

Twitter is dumb.