A Giant Rainbow Appeared Over The 50,000 People At The Orlando Vigil

We are just a week removed from the absolutely senseless slaughter of fifty people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The past week has seen the world mourning, sermonizing, taking political positions and simply trying to make sense of the whole mess. Most importantly, there needs to be healing and compassion right now. With the world watching, Orlando staged a vigil today and saw a staggering 50,000 people in attendance.

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An actual rainbow. Wow

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According to CBSLocal, mourners appeared at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando where a giant, beautiful rainbow appeared overhead. The imagery is quite on-the-nose considering that it is Pride Month currently and that the attack was, indeed on the LGBTQ+ community. It’s difficult not to view the countless displays of a giant rainbow over the vigil and take it as a sign, regardless of beliefs or personal convictions. In the least it was a fitting display from Mother Nature, the Earth giving its own form of tribute to the fallen.

Mayor Buddy Dwyer spoke of unity in the face of the tragedy, says the LA Times.

“Last Sunday was the worst day in the history of our community,” the mayor said. “But we will not and have not been defined by a hate-filled act of a deranged killer.”

His words seem to be echoed throughout the community, with community leaders from all walks of life making appearances and speaking about love, acceptance and moving forward. The crowd was even chanting, “Peace, Love and Pulse” during the vigil.

(Via CBSLocal/LA Times)