Richard Spencer Dismisses Trump’s Charlottesville Statement As ‘More Kumbaya Nonsense’

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Following the horrific Unite The Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, that led to the death of three and many more injuries, many were angered by the lack of response from President Donald Trump, who merely issued a broad statement after two days of not denouncing the Nazis and white supremacists involved in the domestic terrorism. Despite dragging his feet in denouncing the evident white supremacy shown in Charlottesville instead referring to it as “an egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides,” Trump was very quick to respond to the criticism over his statement, because he believes the press is the real villain here.

Richard Spencer, one of the major figureheads of the current white supremacist movement who was on the ground in Charlottesville this weekend, attempted to hold a press conference this afternoon to respond to the growing media attention but was turned away by two D.C. hotels before resorting to hosting the event in his own office.

According to Spencer, people should not read Trump’s statements on Charlottesville as a denouncement of white supremacy.

“His statement today was more kumbaya nonsense. Only a dumb person would take those lines seriously. Its just silliness. It’s not serious and I don’t think anyone takes it seriously including the president… I don’t think he condemned it, no. Did he say ‘white nationalist?’ ‘Racist’ means an irrational hatred of people. I don’t think he meant any of us.”

Spencer also worked to distance the movement from the murder of 32-year-old counter protester Heather Heyer by Nazi sympathizer James Fields, who drove his car into a crowd at a post-rally protest. “I am not going to condemn this young man at this point,” Spencer claims, citing “a great deal of ambiguity” over the details of the crime. “My cause has nothing to do with this car.”

However, even as Spencer was claiming that the city officials in Charlottesville are the real ones to blame for having “blood on their hands,” he couldn’t resist aggressively boasting that if they had wanted to kill the Antifa protestors, the gathered Nazis easily could have.

“We could have killed them with our bare hands.”

Despite posturing like he’s invincible, Spencer is luckily facing some repercussions for his involvement. After desperately trying to speak at his alma mater, the University of Chicago, Spencer’s request has been denied, with Law Professor Geoffrey Stone telling him via email,

“From what I have seen of your views, they do not seem to me to add anything of value to serious and reasoned discourse, which is of course the central goal of a university. Thus, although I would defend the right of others to invite you to speak, I don’t see any reason for me to encourage or to endorse such an event.”


(Via Business Insider, Raw Story)